NxxxxxS featuring Girls Do It Better - Brown Sugar
Caméra VHS, teints lisses, grandes lunettes colorées, lèvres brillantes, le clip réalisé par Northside est une parfaite représentation des éléments phares des années 90' On vous laisse en juger par vous-même.
The Underachievers - Play That Way
For the music video, they call upon director and editor ThisisButta, who puts creativity on it with a variety of visual effects, from inverting the colors to mirroring the duo. They basically try a bit of everything. Recently, AK, one half of the duo, branched off to release a solo track...
A$ap Ferg ft A$ap Mob - Yammy Gang
Also some VHS shots of the defunct Yam's.
Danny Brown - When it Rain
" Last week, Brown announced that he was finalizing his forthcoming album. Judging by Brown's raps over the deranged oboe sample of "When It Rain," this project is going to be fantastic and surprising.
Ignacia Foreva and Eva
Since she started working on her collection, we were sure it would be amazing. And it is ! Her work is a comprehensive form of art evolving around the concept of second skin, south american tribe graphics and minimal street aesthetics. I hear you screaming "Cultural appropriation !!!" but...