Exploring Daniel Foltynek
Hotel Prague Bucket Hats: King Apparel ( Shorts: Everlast Photo Yulya Shadrinsky At Emblem Hotel Prague Bucket Hats: King Apparel ( Sweatshirt: Supra ( Jacket: Jan Cerny Sweatpants: Jordan Shoes: Reebok ( Photo Yulya Shadrinsky At Emblem...
LIGHT BARRIER by Kimchi and Chips
KK: Are you excited to be part of the Prague Light Festival SIGNAL this year? We’ve always heard great things about both the beauty and depth of the city, and of the energy and ambition of SIGNAL Festival. We’re hugely excited to present our work to the audience in Prague, and to see the...
Odivi Spring Summer 2015
photographed by DONALD GJOKA styled and creative directed by PATRIZIA WILK D’ELIA hair and make-up by RORY RICE featuring model JESSICA SIKOSEK at D’MANAGEMENT More editorials on U MAG The show was including a live performance of B00DYA who was playing electronic drums. Let's...