noir caviar

Noir CAVIAR party at Le Baron hosted by ONO with Cécile Togni and MEGAFORCE
To say the least we didn't choose the best day for this fourth Noir CAVIAR edition. The challenge was met by our network of friends ONO, Bureau Cécile Togni and the Megaforce crew who joined us to make this party unforgettable. Le Baron has its little thing that makes people just let go and...
Noir CAVIAR party in Paris
Cécile Togni Loup Garcin Thanh Shei Yulya Shadrinsky Brodinski Ines Loan Rau Alex Hkl, Sam Tiba Shota Sakami Kamel Gondri, Wonji Hong Guillaume Berg, Brodinski, Alban Michelet Mathieu Kury Alex Bertrand Photo Yulya Shadrinsky
Noir CAVIAR party Premiere
Photo Yulya Shadrinsky But the party continues: this time in Paris, ONO and CAROLINE DAILY invite you to the second edition at LE Titty Twister on Thursday 24th of April with special guest Sam Tiba.