new paris

#newparis Maroussia Rebecq
In Paris, our customers are both young teen fashionistas and ladies of the art world who want to have original clothes. This is a fairly large target even if it is still streetwear. And the new men collection is even more man that way. What were your biggest challenge in launching your brand...
#newparis David Obadia
Projects ? The upcoming opening of my shop rue de Commines in Paris and soon another on the Left Bank. Then of course my next collection. Learn more about Harmony on its official website. Interview by Aurore Hennion. Photo Yulya Shadrinsky.
Introducing Young Friends Wearing Paris
Is running the new means of locomotion ? Can the #newparis come from the east ? Is it possible to talk without words ? Is life possible without sleep ? Is it ok to feel normal ? These and so many other questions will be raised within the reality show featuring the Young Friends...