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 Julia Haart Shoe Collection Presentation
Julio Santo Domingo Brice Abby Benjamin Belin and Margaux Lönnberg Benjamin Purtschet and Cécile Togni Inna Modja Hugo Matha Photo Yulya Shadrinsky With Cécile Togni and Maya Coline
Tom Greyhound Opening Party
Alban Bastard Rosset and Maxence Bastard Rosset Margaux Lönnberg Jeanne Damas Rossy de Palma Marie Beltrami Photo Yulya Shadrinsky With Cécile Togni and Delphine Roche Transported by DRIVE ME PARIS Tom Greyhound official site
Charlotte Ronson x Vogue Eyewear Party
com Jacques Shu Aurélie Saada AKA Brigitte Nathalie Duchêne Anne Sophie Mignaux @ Causse and Anne Sophie Berbille @ In Bed With Juliette Lamet @ VMA Alpha Sidibé @ Louboutin with Cecile Genji Kuno and Helena Soubeyrand Jeanne Damas Juliette Lamet et...